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This is an easy way to have a two column look in your web.

1 Easy! Easy! Easy!

This is an easy way to show a gallery of photos, have a page that appears in a Newspaper format, or to place areas of text that needs to be divided.

2 Box Title - H6

I've used a heading 6 tag for the title of the box. It's just different enough to grab your reader's attention. You choose whatever you like best!

3 Copy this Page or make your own for the Simple 2 column

First, make a new page from the "one column" dwt or copy the One Column page (Layout 5) from the file. Then add as many rows in the "Content Full" area as you need.

4 Code to add to for two boxes in a row

<div class="contentBox2a">
<div class="contentBox2b">
<div class="clear"></div>

Add text

Add text

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